Elizabeth is a working mom who would be the first woman to ever serve as lieutenant governor of Virginia. Representation matters. It is not a coincidence that legislation that would empower women -- like legislation to guarantee paid sick days, raise the minimum wage, and protect workers from sexual harassment -- are watered down or killed in the state Senate, where women are under-represented.  As lieutenant governor, Elizabeth will be a voice for all women in that chamber.


  • Elizabeth gave a passionate 7-minute floor speech slamming Republicans for blocking the Equal Rights Amendment in 2019. She was proud to cast her vote to make Virginia the 38th state to ratify the ERA the following year. Her tweet on her vote was featured by Ms. Magazine.

  • As someone who was a teen mom herself, Elizabeth will always fight for other women to make their own reproductive choices. She knows that women’s reproductive rights are human rights and that abortion care is health care. She has proudly voted to expand access to reproductive health care and is chief co-patron of a new law to lift the ban preventing health insurance plans that include abortion coverage from being sold on a state health exchange. 

  • Elizabeth recognizes that women of color face even greater barriers to reproductive health care. In honor of Black History Month, Elizabeth gave a floor speech honoring the 16 Black women who in September 1989 signed the first collective statement advocating for equal access to abortion. The piece was called “We Remember: African-American Women are for Reproductive Freedom”. You can listen to her speech HERE or read a transcript of it HERE. 

  • Elizabeth introduced and passed a budget amendment to allow undocumented women to access prenatal care through the state’s FAMIS program. Often these women do not receive any kind of health care during their pregnancies until they are giving birth. 

  • Elizabeth has introduced legislation to require insurance companies to cover mammograms for women under 40 with family histories of breast cancer. As lieutenant governor she will continue to fight for that bill by finding and working with House and Senate sponsors to pass it into law.