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As an immigrant herself, Elizabeth has always stood with the immigrant community and campaigned on immigrants’ rights, even when it was not a popular campaign issue.

  • As a newly-appointed member of Prince William County’s jail board, Elizabeth led the charge to end the county’s 287(g) partnership with ICE. WAMU reported, "At the end of the meeting, Guzman thanked the ICE officials for their attendance, adding 'We need to use our local dollars to fix our own problems.

  • Elizabeth worked across the aisle to ensure passage of a bill to get driving privilege cards to members of the undocumented community. Elizabeth campaigned on this issue since announcing her intention to run for House of Delegates in 2016. This bill is now law. Elizabeth will introduce new legislation in the 2021 session to provide non-driver ID cards to members of the undocumented community.

  • Elizabeth believes health care is a human right, regardless of immigration status. That’s why she introduced a budget amendment to help fund pre-natal care for undocumented women.

  • Elizabeth passed legislation out of the House to remove the farm worker exemption from minimum wage law, although the Senate did not pass the measure. Agriculture is Virginia’s #1 private sector industry, yet farm workers, many of whom are immigrants, can legally be paid less than minimum wage. Check out this Blue Virginia interview in which Elizabeth discusses her fight to include farm workers in minimum wage protections.

  • Elizabeth has prioritized outreach to the immigrant and Spanish-speaking communities. She served on the Biden-Harris campaign’s National Latino Leadership Council, frequently appears in Spanish news outlets, and held a COVID-19 town hall in Spanish that attracted more than 7,000 views.


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