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  • Elizabeth believes health care is a human right and supports health care for all. She has fought and will continue to fight to expand health care access and affordability in Virginia.

  • Elizabeth campaigned on Medicaid expansion and was a proud member of the freshmen class who helped deliver the votes to help Democrats achieve their long-time goal of expanding access to affordable health care to 400,000 people.

  • Elizabeth believes no one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck and found when knocking on doors that many of the people who gained access to coverage through the Affordable Care Act could not afford to take time off to see a doctor. She has introduced a paid sick days bill every year and will do so again in the 2021 session.

  • The pandemic has reinforced that our health is closely connected to that of our communities. In the 2020 special session, Elizabeth fought for and passed a paid quarantine bill out of the House that would have ensured that workers who had been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 could quarantine for up to two weeks with pay. The bill was killed by the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee, but Elizabeth will include a paid quarantine provision in her 2021 paid sick days bill.

  • Elizabeth is fighting to pass her bill to require health insurers to cover mammograms for women under 40 who have a family history of breast cancer.

  • Elizabeth passed a resolution out of both the House and Senate requesting that the Secretary of Health and Human Services convene a workgroup to study how to lower prescription drug prices in Virginia.

  • Elizabeth is fighting to make telemedicine more accessible, especially in rural areas. That’s why she introduced legislation to authorize doctors from neighboring states to practice telemedicine in Virginia.

  • Elizabeth believes health care is a human right, regardless of immigration status. That’s why she introduced a budget amendment to help fund prenatal care for undocumented women


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